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    CATP is comprised of a team of Healthcare Professionals and Support Teams to provide care and support to individuals affected by opioid addiction.  We strive on treating the whole person as well as the addiction.  We care greatly to treat every person with the dignity and respect that they deserve on their journey to betterment.

    CATP uses an integrated care model wherein we work collaboratively with the patient’s network of healthcare providers to optimize patient care. In addition to fulfilling the patient’s medication requirements, we also offer a complete range of pharmacy services to improve patient lifestyle, including Hepatitis C and HIV Treatments, Immunizations, Smoking Cessation, Medication Reviews, Diabetic Care, Blood Pressure Monitoring and Compliance Aids.

    CATP opened its first location in North York over 15 years ago and has grown to 15 locations across Ontario.  Since then, CATP has continually invested in technology to ensure that patients’ medications are accurately dispensed. In addition, all CATP Pharmacists are extensively trained in addiction treatment and continuously upgrade their skill set to better serve their patients.

    Patient care is our only focus and CATP is dedicated to help you on your path to recovery.

    Please contact your nearest CATP Pharmacist and ask us today on how we can be of service.


    What We Do

    Each time your doctor writes you a prescription, your CATP Pharmacist carefully checks it to ensure that:

    • the drug, dosage, quantity, and directions for use are all correct
    • the prescription does not contradict with any of your current therapy
    • serious drug interactions won’t occur between your new prescription and existing medications or medical conditions
    • the medication is not one that you have an allergy or sensitivity to

    When information is missing from your prescription or if there are other issues with your prescription, your CATP Pharmacist will work directly with your doctor to correct the issue. In some cases, your CATP Pharmacist may be able to adapt your prescription or extend your refills to ensure your therapy is continued without disruption.

    Once your prescription has been checked, the Pharmacy Team prepares your Methadone dose using:

    • LiquidMedLock bottles that are leak and tamper proof
    • Methameasure – a computerised methadone dispensing pump that reads your prescription electronically and dispenses your dose accurately to 0.1mL.

    For other medications including Suboxone, when your dose is prepared, your CATP Pharmacist compares your prescription label with your doctor’s original prescription and checks the contents of the prescription vial or container to ensure that you receive the right medication.

    When you pick up your prescription, your CATP Pharmacist will provide counselling on the following to ensure that you will get the most from your medication:

    • what your medication has been prescribed for
    • how and when you should take it
    • how long you should take it for
    • how you will know if your medication is working and what to do if your medication is not working
    • possible side effects and what you should do if you experience any
    • how you should store your medication
    • additional information about your medical condition

    CATP is a full service pharmacy and we apply the above care and focus to all of your medications needs.

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